Room to Breathe Teacher Feature

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  • What is your intention as a teacher?

My intention as a teacher is to reconnect my students with their own unique kind of energy. To recognize when a pattern or reaction has been chosen by them or by an external factor. Yoga, mindful yoga, has a really special way of doing this. I’ll try my best to facilitate this most awesome process as great teachers have done for me, restoring my health and my vigor to go beyond, and helping me feel more deeply peaceful day to day.

  • How has yoga helped you grow in your own life?

It’s nullified many stiff and rigid beliefs I had that were holding me back from deeper feelings of contentment. It’s shown me that there, just perhaps, might be an endless well of potential inside. It’s invited myself to call my body home again. It’s done many, pretty priceless things for me. 

  • What is a fun/unusual fact about you? 

I studied voice with a teacher in college and love to sing when I get to!

  • What is your favorite quote?

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished - Lao Tzu

  • Who is your greatest inspiration?

I have to say one of my biggest inspirations is a nutritionist and author named Kimberly Snyder. Her blog, videos, books and now supplements have been crucial in my life. She helped me to crawl beyond my fear of traveling while sticking to a diet that helped me feel well and being able to enjoy my health and life! Her ideas I think are pioneering in the wellness space and I’m so blessed that I now get to be an ambassador to her brand (yes that means discounts! :)). Please check it out!

  • What is special about the Tuesday Flow and Restore class?

I really like to invite my students on Tuesday nights to bear witness to their current state, whatever that is. Experience what slow breath and slow movement can do, and to provide a place where they can acknowledge just ‘all the things’, maybe even things they didn’t know were there. There are always more layers to explore and restorative postures offer a unique kind of practice in being here.