“Yoga begins with listening. When we listen we are giving space to what is. We are allowing other people to be what they are, and we are sanctioning our own bodies and our own minds to fully manifest.”

- Richard Freeman, The Mirror of Yoga

Come practice. It will be a gift to teach you. . .

Private Sessions starting at $100 an hour.

E: deniseadagostino@gmail.com

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What are students saying?

Denise is hands down my most favorite yoga instructor I have ever had. I went to several yoga classes in college and when I moved to Chicago last August, I went to multiple different yoga studios and had a lot of wonderful instructors, but Denise is by far my favorite. She is so passionate about the art and truly cares about everyone in her classes. She works really hard to assure everyone is satisfied with every practice. She gives everyone the opportunity to request anything we want her to include during our practice and always follows through every request. If you are in the Chicago area, I highly recommend you go to her classes. You will not be disappointed :)
— Shannon Brady
Taking a class with Denise is a joy. She takes her students to a higher level by sharing her knowledge of the deeper meaning of yoga, taking time to give adjustments, asking for student requests and coming up with solutions for students that have physical limitations. I have learned so much taking her classes. She’s wonderful! Namaste!
— Mary Vazquez